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About us

    Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. (JHICC for short) is an advanced IC manufacturing enterprise, which is mainly invested and established by Fujian Electronics & Information (Group) Co., Ltd., and Jinjiang Energy Investment Co., Ltd. JHICC has conducted technical cooperation with Taiwan United Microelectronics Corporation and invested 5.65 billion US dollars to build a 12” fabrication facility in Jinjiang City to develop advanced memory technology and process technics and carry out the manufacturing and sales of related products.The company regards it as its duty to realize the domestic manufacturing of IC chip and aims to become an advanced IC manufacturing enterprise with independent intellectual property system.

Figure 1: Jinhua company overall aerial view


Figure 2: Jin Hua company focused on space view


Figure 3: general layout of Jin Hua company


Figure 4: the general layout of JHICC, function zoning and building layout


Figure 5: the general layout of JHICC: landscape architecture and green space system



Campus where JHICC is located in: north beside ancient Quanzhou, south nearby beautiful Xiamen with comfortable weather.

Human Resources
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  • Jinjiang City, Fujian Province,China
  • Mail address:Sanchuang Park,Century Avenue,

  • Zip code: 362200
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