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Continental power to restart the DRAM R & D, group of people a hundred people

Combined electric (2303) restart DRAM development task, couplet report financial officer and spokesman Liu Qidong yesterday (7), said that the the co-operative is using, research funding, will be helpful for Taiwan DRAM of its own technology, and will be linked electric R & D capability and convert them into sources of profit.
Associated with the previously announced, and the mainland Fujian official investment Jin Hua integrated circuit, signed a technical cooperation agreement, the joint development of DRAM related process technology. Liu Qidong said the cooperation case is paid by the mainland to make joint research and development, Taiwan DRAM no rooting and autonomy. With the mainland's funding research and development, will be in Taiwan DRAM own technology will help, while the power of joint research and development capabilities, converted into a source of profit. R & D funding and future license, the joint power can be recognized, while maintaining the technology.
Related R & D from the startup is now estimated to spend two to three years, composed of more than 100 people R & D team, in UMC Nanke R & D center, and in the development of 32 nm specialty dram as the goal.

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