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To build China's memory base: Jinjiang, Quanzhou, in 2025 the scale of the integrated circuit industry

Yesterday (11) afternoon, Quanzhou Jinjiang integrated circuit industry development planning experts will be held in Beijing, the integrated circuit industry renowned experts and scholars gathered in a hall, Jinjiang in the future development of the integrated circuit industry pulse interrogation, give advice and suggestions.
At the meeting, "Jinjiang city integrated circuit industry development plan (2016-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "development plan") through expert argumentation. Ministry of electronic information secretary Diao Shijing, Quanzhou, Jinjiang city leaders Li Jianhui, Zhang Wenxian, Wang Wenhui, attended the meeting.
The Ministry of industry and electronic information division director Diao Jing Shi pointed out that Quanzhou Jinjiang to based on their own advantages, grasp the market change, to break through the system, adhere to innovation driven, in the project construction to have new ideas, find the core competitiveness in the fierce competition, as the global innovation and development to contribute their strength.
Quanzhou Municipal Standing Committee Li Jianhui said, Quanzhou is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road on the sea city, with industrial advantages, advantages of Taiwan, the development of the integrated circuit industry is in Quanzhou, Jinjiang industrial transformation and upgrading needs, at present, Quanzhou, Jinjiang is scientific layout, efforts to build integrated circuit industry ecosystem, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, emerging industries "Overtaking around the curve"; next, Quanzhou, Jinjiang will be fully absorbed by the opinions and suggestions of the experts, in the mode of development of the integrated circuit industry, talent introduction and training, research and development, investment, support policy etc. to further improve the efforts to build the memory base in China.
Entrusted by the municipal Party committee secretary Liu Wenru in Jinjiang, Jinjiang City acting mayor Zhang Wenxian in his speech pointed out that Jinjiang, the development of the integrated circuit industry as an important strategy to promote economic restructuring, will seize the integrated circuit industry development of the "golden decade, foster a new industry system, drive the upgrading of traditional industries, promote Jinjiang breakthrough innovation, the development by leaps and bounds.
Demonstration will be chaired by the Ministry of electronics, a deputy director of the Wan Pengyuan. Experts said that the development plan "based on the Jinjiang, benchmarking of domestic and looking at the world, in line with the area actual, meet the domestic pattern, joint industry direction, has the strong point and operation.
Experts suggest that, in accordance with the future of Jinjiang industry changes, we can further strengthen the research and improvement of policy measures to attract investment and talent introduction program.
According to reports, the development plan "depicts the Jinjiang, Quanzhou in the next decade (2016-2025) integrated circuit industry development blueprint, proposed by 2025, will build the hundreds of billions of scale integrated circuit the whole industry chain ecosystem, resources ecosystem, ecological intelligence circles and enterprise ecosystem.
With the National IC industry big fund settled in Jinjiang, Jin Hua memory integrated circuit project is about to start, Fujian Province, the construction of the integrated circuit industrial park...... Jinjiang integrated circuit industry is the main production base of sail to ride the wind and waves, Chinese vivid memory.
In more than 3 hours of the demonstration meeting, Ministry of industry and electronic information division inspector Hu Yan, deputy director general Peng Hongbing of Ministry of industry and electronic information division, National IC industry investment fund Limited by Share Ltd President Ding Wenwu, Ministry of industry and electronic information division integrated circuit director Ren Aiguang, director of the Li Shushen Institute of semiconductors, Institute of microelectronics professor Liu Ming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor, University of Rhode Island academician Yang Qing IEEE, executive vice chairman and Secretary General Xu Xiaotian China Semiconductor Industry Association, Zhang Xing, Dean of School of software and microelectronics, Peking University, School of microelectronics Fudan University Vice President Min Hao, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of microelectronics, chief scientist Zhu Huilong, Shenzhen Pu electronic technology limited company CEO Yang Yafei and other dozens of expert advice for Jinjiang the development of the integrated circuit industry suggestions.
Meeting also on the development of Jinjiang integrated circuit industry policy to solicit opinions and suggestions of experts and scholars.
The following is a statement of some experts:
National integrated circuit industry investment fund Limited by Share Ltd President Ding Wenwu:
Recommended Jinjiang fully understand and fierce competition of the weak link of the integrated circuit industry development, increase the intensity of investment, will continue to learn from advanced experience and practice, and enhance the competitiveness of their products; to give full play to the advantages of Taiwan, and make its own characteristics. At the same time, pay attention to personnel training and technology introduction, all kinds of policies to be put in place, and to fully demonstrate, to avoid all kinds of risks.
National integrated circuit personnel training expert guidance committee director, China Semiconductor Industry Association, vice chairman Yan Xiaolang:
The interactive development of IC industry in Taiwan is a major feature of the development of integrated circuit industry in Jinjiang. If you can in the industrial technology innovation, support services and talent gathering, so that the two sides focused on Jinjiang, will be more effective. In short, Jinjiang as long as to integrated circuit manufacturing as a breakthrough point, take the memory as the main products, resolutely implement innovation drive and talent for strong business strategy, you can in the area of memory made marked improvement, so as to drive the Jinjiang integrated circuit industry sustainable development.
China Semiconductor Industry Association executive vice president, Secretary General Xu Xiaotian:
There are no borders in the integrated circuit industry, intense competition, Jinjiang spanning the globe, adhere to the open sharing, and in-depth analysis, focus, the development of their own characteristics, pay attention to intellectual property and development of science and technology, balancing selection project, stronger, designed to do. China Semiconductor Industry Association will give strong support to Jinjiang in terms of personnel training, information transmission, communication and coordination, etc..
Microelectronics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher, Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Liu Ming:
Do memory manufacturing industry is not easy to scientific layout, avoid risks, realize the sustainable development of the integrated circuit industry, let it become a new growth point in the future of Jinjiang; to give full play to the advantages of Taiwan, the introduction of Taiwan and Taiwan enterprises, and strengthen cooperation with colleges and universities, the construction of micro electric college or training center, strengthen personnel training, filled their own short board, for innovative entrepreneurship to provide personnel support.

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