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Joint power technology support to the Jinjiang 12 inch factory in July officially started


With the stage accumulates report (TSMC) in Nanjing Investment $30 billion of 12 inches of plants in 7 formally laid the foundation stone, is expected to 2018 formally completed and put into production after, foundries hutch of another manufacturer, UMC (UMC), in Jinjiang, Fujian and Fujian Province Jin Hua integrated circuit (IC) companies signed cooperation of 12 inch plant, is expected to be officially commence in mid July. In the future, after the completion of the construction of the plant, will be responsible for the development and production of DRAM technology.

According to media reports, the called & ldquo; Fujian Province Jin Hua storage integrated circuit production line project & rdquo; the amount of investment reached $53 billion Jin Hua IC companies, is expected to in 2016 on July 16, held a groundbreaking ceremony, and the day in Jinjiang will also be held military IC Industry Development Summit Forum.

Jin Hua integrated circuits company is by the Fujian provincial government's Fujian Province electronic information group and combined Jinjiang energy investment group, a joint venture set up, and Beijing 30 billion yuan of financial aid is expected in 2019 in Fujian Jinjiang a 12 inch DRAM production line.

It is understood, at the beginning of the 12 inch plant will import 32 nanometer process, planning every month 6 million pieces of 12 inch wafer capacity into DRAM and related products R & D, manufacturing and sales, is expected in September 2018 started trial production.

Since the announcement in May 2016, the company will work with Fujian Jin Hua integrated circuit company signed a contract, the company commissioned by the company to develop DRAM related process technology.

Although, in the announcement stressed that the future cooperation with Fujian Jin Hua integrated circuit company is only responsible for technical development, did not plan to enter the DRAM industry or investment Jin Hua company. However, with China, urgent desire in the DRAM industry independent development and the planning for the national strategy of the exhibition industry, the interpretation of the outside world ITU will take this as prepared to intervene in the niche type memory market development began to prepare for the training.

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