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East Asian cultural city - Quanzhou


Experiences of integrated circuit co., LTD. Is located in fujian jinjiang in fujian province economic development zone, north of the ancient port quanzhou in one thousand, south near the beautiful island in xiamen; A beautiful environment, pleasant climate.


Jinjiang city of fujian province, the strongest comprehensive strength of city, is also one of China's economy the most developed counties and cities. More than 97% in the whole city is a private enterprise, industry cluster advantage obviously, there have been seven super billions industrial clusters (including the footwear, textile and clothing, building materials, ceramics, food and beverage, equipment manufacturing, paper products and new materials), more than 40 listed companies, which enjoys a reputation of "China brand", the capital operation is active.


In recent years, the integrated circuit industry into the "fujian province" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "11 emerging in the transformation and upgrading of industrial special planning" one of the leading industry. Combined with electronic information group of fujian province jinjiang energy investment group, common in jinjiang economic development zone building experiences of integrated circuit, the hope can not only become a hig


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1, the natural conditions:
1, the geographical position
Quanzhou is located in the southeast coast of fujian province, the Taiwan strait in the south, north latitude 22 ° 24 '~ 25 ° 56', longitude 117 ° 34 '~ 119 ° 05', is located in the mindong mountain in the middle and MinDongNa coastal hills, plains in the middle.


2, topography
Quanzhou in mountainous, hilly, strewn at random in the valley, basin, northwest high terrain southeast low, is the main body part of Dai Yunshan, west mountain more than 1000 ten thousand mu, arable land, 2.17 million mu, mountain and hilly four 5 of the total area of land, commonly known as "eight mountain monohydrate a minute field".


3, climate,
Quanzhou is located in the low latitudes, the east sea, is a subtropical maritime monsoon climate, climate condition is superior, the climate resources are rich, for people's life and economic development provides a good environment.

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Quanzhou socio-economic environment:
       Quanzhou City of Fujian Province is one of the three centers, both land and sea area of ​​11,000 square kilometers, has jurisdiction over 11 counties (cities, districts) and Quanzhou Zone, Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, 2014, the resident population of 8.44 million. The main features are:
     (1) Great City: 2015, the city's GDP reached 613.774 billion yuan, accounting for nearly a quarter of the province, the province ranked first for 17 consecutive years. Public total fiscal revenue 80.474 billion yuan, per capita GDP7.24 yuan, fixed assets investment of 340.625 billion yuan. Existing four state-level development zone, Jinjiang and other five counties (cities) for many years into the National hundred counties (cities).


      (2) cultural city: one of the first historical and cultural city by the State Council, the first capital of East Asian culture, ancient maritime Silk Road starting point for the city, known as the "Museum of World Religions", UNESCO will showcase the world's first multicultural center addressing Quanzhou. The existing world-class, state-level "non-left" list 4 and 34, state-level cultural relics protection units 31.


      (3) the famous hometown of overseas Chinese: in more than 130 countries and regions in the world of 948 million Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese in Quanzhou, Hoi compatriots 700,000 60,000 trip Macao compatriots, the three together accounted for more than 60% of the province; Taiwan Han Chinese in the region 44.8%, about 900 million native of Quanzhou.

      Private DC: 18 is one of the typical areas of China's reform and opening, one of the three national financial reform pilot area, the national comprehensive reform pilot area of ​​private economy, is listed as "Made in China 2025" The only local pilot. The city has industrial and commercial registration of private enterprises 139 000 2015, the private economy to increase the value of 496.523 billion yuan, accounting for 80.9% of the city, employment in private enterprises accounted for more than ninety five city, pay taxes accounting for more than 85% of the city.


      By 2015, the annual total industrial added value of 334.509 billion yuan of industrial output value of about 1.2 trillion yuan. Industry showed the following characteristics:

      (1) brand: 46 existing Chinese brand, China Famous Brand 142, of the top Chinese brand value evaluation of enterprise 20, 96 listed companies inside and outside the three new board listed companies 16, 2167 million businesses , the number of Chinese well-known trademarks, the number of listed companies are among the prefecture-level city in the forefront.


      (2) Clustering: 5 has been formed over hundreds of billions of industrial clusters: 211.834 billion yuan textile and garment, footwear 164.503 billion yuan, 179.342 billion yuan petrochemical, equipment manufacturing 124.058 billion yuan, 110.408 billion yuan building materials.


      (3) scale: in the country, a large market share all over the world, including textile and apparel production accounts for 60% of the province, sneakers and shoes accounted for 40% of national output, 20% of world production, exports accounted for Stone 35% of the country, technical ceramics exports account for 65% and 20% of the country's total output of candy.


        Meanwhile, e-commerce and Quanzhou in the field of airport construction have made outstanding achievements, including: the national e-commerce model city approved in 2015, the city's e-commerce turnover 191.7 billion yuan, an increase of 35%; in 2015, total port cargo throughput of 122 million tons, container throughput of 2,015,100 TEUs. Jinjiang International Airport passenger throughput of 3,635,600 passengers; in 2015 the total foreign trade $ 27.104 billion, down 12.2%, of which exports to complete $ 18,293,000,000, an increase of 0.6%; the proportion of three industries was 2.9: 61: 36.1.


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2, traffic conditions:
         Quanzhou has convenient traffic conditions.
       (1) Aviation: Jinjiang International Airport is located in the southeast of Fujian, and Taiwan across the sea, located in Quanzhou Jinjiang downstream south bank, south of Quanzhou city center 12 kilometers from the surrounding railway stations, bus stations, ports of convergence . 2015 Jinjiang International Airport passenger throughput of 3,635,600 passengers, cargo and mail throughput of 43,000 tons.


        (2) Road: State Road 324, the inner ring road Quanzhou, Quanzhou Second Ring Road, Quanzhou and other high-speed highways around the city and outside the city in the form a sound road network and convenient transportation.


        (3) Metro: already built in Quanzhou Light Rail Line 1 and planned Quanzhou subway and light rail planning a number of crowded subway lines. Fuzhou-Xiamen railway through the city and is connected with the national railway network.


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         Fujian Jinjiang Economic Development Zone in 2000 officially started construction in 2003, was approved by the provincial government as a provincial development zone in 2005, was included in the provincial development zone demonstration zone, the provincial government approved in 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission audit announcement was renamed " Fujian Jinjiang economic Development Zone. " 2009 launched a comprehensive plan to expand from the original "two parks and one area" to expand "a District 9 Park" (including a comprehensive five miles Park, An Dongsheng state park, east stone-owned park, Yingling clothing Park, Xintang industry and trade Park, the Kanai high-tech park, safety equipment manufacturing within the park, packaging and printing cizao Park, Shanghai and Shenzhen SME business park). In 2011, the national sports industry base included in the Economic Development Zone, unified management, the official launch of Creative Entrepreneurship Innovation Park (referred to as the "Three Year Garden") planning and construction. In 2012, the Quanzhou municipal government agreed that economic development zones in Quanzhou Wuli Park officially incorporated into the national high-tech zone management structure, as became one of the high-tech park in Quanzhou distinguish countries. In July, the group led by the Economic Development Zone, Jinjiang City decided to study, Economic Development Zone, the new extension of three professional park food industrial park, weaving Fashion Park, optoelectronic information industry park. 2016, the establishment of the Fujian integrated industrial park.


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