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"Food Industry" will bring new industrial revolution - foreign experts Weapon Quanzhou IC Industry


One church experts and scholars gathered in Jinjiang suggestions (Reporter correspondent Chen Qi Tuo Lai Jin Choi Chang)


    Has a "food industry," said the IC industry settled in Jinjiang, One of a city-based traditional industries, the introduction of this new integrated circuit industry, Jinjiang have both advantages which can be used? Jinjiang in the future should be how to form a new industry chain and the core competitiveness of high-tech industry? The introduction of the integrated circuit industry layout, turn on the Jinjiang industrial development, urban construction, cultural environment changed? On the International IC Industry Development Forum held on the 16th, a number of heavyweight experts and scholars from home and abroad in the field of integrated circuits for the Jinjiang suggestions.


    Government experts provide their expertise and services


    Deputy director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Yao


    IC large projects settled in Jinjiang is an important opportunity for local industrial restructuring, but we had more advantages in traditional industries in the talent pool, there will be infrastructure One more challenge. How to meet the challenge? First, people are the most important factor to introduce a variety of ways, training, use of personnel. Fortunately, a few academicians academician workstation has decided to set up this project in Jinjiang, which is a good starting point One. On the basis of the introduction of talent, Jinjiang also need services, cultural atmosphere, a great effort under the comprehensive support provided Yuesao style service. Governments in the initial stage of the project, the role is very large, determine the direction of the future, should provide more services, the professional thing to do to the experts.


    The second is to use the power of good scientific research institutes. The central government innovation-driven strategy, science and technology innovation as the core, the source should do in order to step by step from basic research to industrial application One. In the microelectronics industry, we have traveled a long way Article One, there could be summed up experience, the most important thing is to stand in the field of One fixed forefront to grasp the source.


    We can also learn from the experience of local governments One more development of the industry, such as mergers and acquisitions of foreign companies may not One more mismanagement have core technology of small and medium scale, equivalent to the purchase of his intellectual property, which we may have a big project help.


    (Liu Qian Yao Yujuan)


    Collaborative innovation to meet the real needs


    Academician Zheng Youdou


    I work sixty years in the semiconductor integrated circuit industry development all the time, is changing rapidly. Development of integrated circuit industry, Jinjiang One is a great historical opportunity. The world's largest consumer market in China IC products, the market has been; from country to Quanzhou, Fujian Province and then to Jinjiang city government attach great importance to every Yiji this project funds also. Now the key to see if I can grasp the independent chip technology, turn to overtake.


    Jinjiang integrated project to develop the One with independent intellectual property rights of the project, not just OEM products. I think the core issue is the most talent. The major products by design, design to rely on people, to introduce the core team, and then one is the introduction of talent, One is the training of personnel. The introduction of talent, Jinjiang obvious advantages, relying on Taiwan's UMC Group in the technical path conduct a joint product development and process design, cutting-edge international companies as Lianhua, to attract talent for the Jinjiang One part of the innovation. Next Jinjiang how to develop their own talents? According to international experience, must be collaborative innovation: One is to strengthen the local university research institutions with collaborative innovation; the second is the use of domestic resources One stream of professional experts, such as the forum today so many experts do not have to go to the One given site, Internet communication age is zero distance; third is to strengthen cooperation with the applications, with the downstream industry collaborative innovation, research and development on what needs what. One set is not to imitate the international advanced technology, the real need is to be at the forefront of our country has the world's largest IC market, demand for traction, innovation and development.


    Finally, the integrated circuit industry can not be done behind closed doors, we must let the world, the country's forces to support, so the vision to put long-term, global resources as I used to be part of the design in Beijing, Shanghai and even abroad, better use of talent.


    (Liu Qian Yao Yujuan)


    Organization Development Alliance to promote industrial chain innovation


    Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences sweet leaf spring


    The most basic industrial age is the most important iron and steel products, the most basic information age is the most important product chips.


    After several years of efforts, the national major projects to promote the development of China's IC industry to new heights. First, high-end equipment from scratch, to achieve a breakthrough groups. China now has 16 kinds of 12-inch production line equipment through cognitive assessment into the bulk sales, the overall technical level of 28 nm, 14 nm and equipment research and development is nearing completion. Meanwhile, the 29 kinds of packaging and testing equipment to complete the development, assessment certification into the mass-market, high-end packaging equipment, has formed a complete line integration. Secondly, the manufacturing process has made great progress. IC sets the level of technology has entered the international mainstream, developed One batch meet industry demand for specialty products and market processes. Third, the high-end packaging by leaps and bounds, and some among the leading international packaging and testing technology. Fourth, the key materials needed for the production of integrated circuits bulk products enter the market. Fifthly, intellectual property rights have improved substantially, major companies in the industry have accumulated design patent number 40,000, to start building their own voice in the international arena, to seek its own characteristics and differentiated development. Sixth, the results of the special drive and support the strategic development of new industries.


    Under the new situation, China's IC industry to strengthen basic research, foster original innovation; to increase investment and to maintain continuity of investment; market trends aim to carry out a global, systematic, integrated innovation, organizational innovation and R & D alliances, promote industrial chain innovation; to strengthen cross-strait cooperation, especially in the depth of integration of industrial chain, build global competitiveness and development of new models.


    (Xu Yaling)


    Personnel training as an important construction project One Ring


    Fujian Electronic Information Group Chairman Siu Yuk


    Speak to upgrade, do not simply dismiss the existing industrial base, Jinjiang existing industries mainly related to people's livelihood, with people's lives. How to upgrade the existing traditional industrial competitiveness through management, process improvement, also One important issue. Chip industrialization of food, it does not conflict with traditional industry, but is with the upgrading of traditional industries complement each other.


    Unlike shoes and apparel industry, IC One is a high input, high capital, personnel-intensive, but also high-risk industry, it is the top micromachining technology. Jinjiang With this leading project, we can introduce high-level personnel through the high-tech industry leading ecosystem.


    IC industry in Jinjiang promote all-round, first philosophy. Jinjiang should form a more livable good cultural environment, of course, is also being built, such as high-end communities, hospitals, schools, these world-class high-tech industry talent from Taiwan, China or Singapore, the United States over the age of rich experience both as One 30-50 years old, with children and families, there is no suitable local Jinjiang their international school, there are no international standards of medical care, which may be more important than wages.


    According to the plan, by 2018, the Jinjiang will attract engineers and senior executives 2000 integrated circuit industry, one-third from Taiwan, and the rest we need through cooperation with colleges and universities to establish their own training system, should the talent culture as an important project One ring.


    In addition, Jinjiang have a chain of thinking, in front of R & D, and there are packages. On chip production capacity, now designed monthly capacity is 60,000, about the next five-year plan to reach 4-5 production lines, can produce 200,000 to 300,000 pieces with a scale to build the industrial chain, there is a One good core foundation.


    (Liu Qian Yao Yujuan)


    Jinjiang City IC industry seminar held


    Competition in the domestic industry leading position memory


    (Reporter Xu Yaling) yesterday, held in Jinjiang IC industry promotion, the majority of the semiconductor industry giant, the business elite gathered in Hall One, and seek common development.


    After reform and opening up 30 years of development, cultivate a successful Jinjiang footwear, textile and garment, food and beverage and other special industries, formed a set of clusters One advantage, brand and market advantages. In support of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, bigger and stronger, while Jinjiang actively cultivate strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries, and integrated circuits targeting key areas of photovoltaic efficiency, graphene, marine biotechnology, to speed up the gathering of strategic industrial projects, promote economic restructuring new tune.


    According to "Jinjiang IC Industry Development Plan (2016-2025)", Jinjiang City IC industry will focus on "One a development target," "three strategic positioning", "four development vision" to rules and layout. "One goal of developing" refers to the 2025 IC output value reached 100 billion yuan; "three strategic positioning" memory that is important to create a global production base, Haixi characteristic IC industry chain ecosystem, integrated cross-strait industrial cooperation demonstration center; "four development vision" are the competition in the domestic leading position in the memory industry, become cross-strait industrial cooperation IC zone One echelon, cultivate international competitiveness of the integrated circuit industry clusters, through the joint development of integrated circuits and traditional industries, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to build a model city.


    Currently, Jinjiang has plans to build "Three One Park area", namely Fujian IC Industry Park (Science Park), IC Fujian Industrial Park (Industrial Park), Jinjiang creative entrepreneurship and innovation park (garden design) and Comprehensive Free Trade Zone in Quanzhou.


    Capital innovation-driven China Memory Industry


    National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund CEO Ding Wenwu


    According to statistics, in 2016 the first One quarter of China's IC sales of 79.86 billion, an increase of 16.5%. Wherein the first integrated circuit One quarter imports 46.94 billion US dollars, down 3.6%; IC exports $ 14.49 billion, an increase of 16.3%.


    In China the memory industry development, the National Fund in accordance with the "National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Platform to promote" the development goals and priorities determined, adhere to national strategies and market mechanisms combine services and IC industry breakthroughs in key areas to enhance the overall become accelerate the development of IC industry an important force.


    National Investment Fund greatly leveraging domestic and overseas capital investment enthusiasm of China's IC industry in 2015 led directly to the new social investment over 100 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the current relevant provinces and cities set up a clear, focused IC industry where total fund size of over 100 billion yuan. In addition, various types of social capital is also very concerned about the support of the integrated circuit industry.


    In this investment environment, the development of the integrated circuit industry in Jinjiang has a few suggestions: carefully sort out existing capacity; a careful analysis of the competitive situation; increase investment efforts; strengthen the introduction and training of personnel; have a high degree of risk awareness; to focus on key, do something; the use of the advantages of location, culture, language, and to strengthen cooperation with Taiwan; to develop practical policy measures and implemented. (Xu Yaling)


    Things technology to help old industrial upgrading


    Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan Sakurai your health


    Things technology has thousands of devices connected from the One, make our lives safer and happiness. Chinese breakthrough in the field of integrated circuit made of the whole world are very important message. Low-power device technology is the industry need to solve the problem, the number of parts of the integrated circuit a lot, there are special requirements for the circuit, in fact, China can be custom-designed.


    Jinjiang shoes and apparel industry is very famous, you can put things technology applied to these traditional industries. One such pair of shoes when dirty and when the need for timely replacement, and then can bring their own power generation equipment such as shoes, these technologies can help old industrial upgrading.


    One next-generation chip, has been the emergence of new technologies, may promote industrial development into One Step. Moore's Law (when prices unchanged, the number of components on an integrated circuit can accommodate the approximately every 18-24 months will be times One, will also enhance the performance of One times) not always applicable, and now there have been three-dimensional integrated circuit, it will continue to promote innovative development of the industry and technology.


    Equipment and materials is also very important, we need to look beyond One more long-term, they may in turn promote the development of integrated circuits. I believe that China, as a big country of human resources, through the development of other industries, to promote the development of integrated circuits. (Liu Qian Yao Yujuan)


    Start layout should pay attention to intellectual property rights


    Zhang of China, director of international programs and membership services Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)


    Memory do need to be very careful, rigorous research and development team, it is not an abstract One of industries. I recommend Jinjiang is the first to take into account intellectual property products. One more professional company in the world, basically on the intellectual property rights do layout. We need to think, what should Jinhuagong way into the industry, to see how the layout of their own intellectual property rights, how to build a strong team One, and from what the government can go to protect the team. The current global memory does best is Korean, give the country do. There are also four or five places are doing the same layout can Jinhuagong with several other research and development, production linkage to do?


    The second is, in accordance with the general experience, Yi Jia memory difficult for companies to profit in three to five years, which we are not there to see this commitment to continued investment in the future is possible to achieve the world's top five.


    SEMI in the world with more than 2000 members, about 340 members in the country, we are committed to breaking down barriers to trade, industrial assistance horizontal, vertical integration. I have led more than a dozen Chinese companies to enter the Japanese to explore how the use of smart materials in Japan to promote the development of China's semiconductor industry, but also with the team to the United States, the European summit, with foreign companies to explore the depth, each generation after visits cases of international cooperation. One nutshell, SEMI will Chinese enterprises to promote the global, it will be a good experience of foreign countries to China. (Liu Qian Yao Yujuan)

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