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TSMC MediaTek / / ASE are optimistic about the second half of the semiconductor industry boom

Following the stage accumulates electric chairman Morris Chang, MediaTek chairman caimingjie gradually release the semiconductor boom positive view after, global semiconductor packaging and testing leading ASE operating Long Wu Tianyu yesterday (28), the investment boom in the second half of the positive vote, emphasizing the packaging and testing capacity is tight, the sun and moon light achievement in the first half of the year will be gradually growing season, better than half a year.
Legal persons that TSMC, MediaTek, ASE is the semiconductor industry chain to angle, TSMC is the world's largest foundries, MediaTek is a brother of Taiwan IC design, ASE is downstream leading IC packaging and testing, three manufacturers from the industry in the upstream to the downstream of dynamic observation of boom, that good condition for a half year, equal to the declaration of the semiconductor industry in the second half, Anne! ".
TSMC, ASE are facing tight capacity, that second half of foundry and beta "grab capacity" war officially began, MediaTek, Qualcomm chips factory "who can grab capacity, who will be able to grab business" of the trend established.
In addition, stage accumulating report, MediaTek, ASE simultaneous optimistic about the market outlook, not only for the individual company performance to swallow the reassurance, the three companies are Taiwan stock market heavyweight weight stock, is expected to also for Taiwan stock bring forward kinetic, this, from product electric Monday (27) ex dividend, as of yesterday, the only two trading day will fill rate of 75%, can sniff out the market for semiconductor stocks positive view of the breath.
ASE held yesterday at a meeting of the shareholders, through to 1.6 yuan, annual earnings per share allotment of cash dividend and to yesterday's closing price of $35.4 terms, cash yields about 4.5%. Wu Tianyu stressed that the global semiconductor industry inventory adjustment in the first year of this year has been adjusted, the current industry inventory has been below the average water level, this year, the semiconductor industry is only a demand problem, there is no inventory problem.
Wu Tianyu said that the main push up the semiconductor market momentum at this stage, is the wisdom of mobile phone. Since the second quarter, high, medium and low order demand for mobile phones are quite stable, mobile phone industry supply chain preparation also have deficiencies in the last year preparing lessons, stock preparation this year than last year, active, putting this year are pretty tight main foundry capacity, IC packaging and testing plant in quite.
Wu Tianyu said IC packaging and testing plant in the third quarter into the season, production capacity will be compared with the second quarter more tight, ASE will for the future customer demand continues to increase production capacity, in the second quarter operating performance will be in line with expectations, in the third quarter is expected to peak effect, it is estimated that there are similar to the increase in the same period last year, this year operation is expected by quarter growth, the second half of the performance is better than in the first half of the year.

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