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The Taiwan team won the 2016 "Supergrass" Jinhua Cup "mass badminton champion


Taiwan Jingcao team won the championship
Huaxun network on June 6, June 5, at 17 am, from Taiwan Supergrass badminton club to win the 2016 "Jin Hua Cup" of mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan mass badminton team champion, the tournament fall satisfactorily next heavy curtain.

Fujian old health team won the runner up
According to the person in charge of the tournament organizers Jinjiang Badminton Association. The tournament attracted from Taiwan Strait and Hong Kong and Macao many badminton high level representative team, they and badminton master of Fujian Fuzhou, Xiamen, Nanping, successive blows. Finally, Taiwan Supergrass badminton club through grappling, eventually pick the laurel crown. The person in charge of introduction, runner up from Fuzhou Fujian Ancient health teams, second runner up was 1 Jinjiang Badminton Association on behalf of team won, Jinjiang Badminton Association 2 teams get a rearguard. The Hongkong team and Quanzhou team were hengha fifth. (Chen Bing)

Jinjiang Badminton Association 1 team won the runner up

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