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In 2016 the Strait cum Hong Kong and Macao people badminton tournament ended Taiwan team won the championship


The competition events are divided into mixed groups, each group is composed of 5 individual games.
Southeast network June 5th (Ben reporter Lin Xianchang) 5 pm, two days of 2016, Jin Hua cup, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and the masses badminton competition in Jinjiang ended. After fierce competition, Taiwan Jingcao Badminton Club eventually won the championship.
The competition attracted from Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and Fuzhou, Fujian, Xiamen, Nanping and other regions, a total of 24 representatives of nearly 300 badminton players. The competition project for the mixed team, each team consists of 5 individual games, men's singles, men's doubles and mixed doubles events, eventually according to the scores of the teams decided before eight, decided the champion won the 3 million yuan of the prizes and trophies.

Single event, the men's team in the semi final game.
Taiwan Jingcao badminton club sent 11 athletes, Captain Chen Wei is a graduate student at the school. "The ball friends here are very warm, take part in the game, we not only in the game to learn, but also deepen the communication between each other." Chen Wei told reporters, I am also very interested in participating in such a game, I hope to be able to hold similar events in the future, through competitive sports to enhance the friendship between the people on both sides of the strait."
Province Social Sports Guidance Center of the relevant person in charge said: "this event as a folk sports exchange activities, let badminton enthusiasts compete, on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and the Hongkong and Macao regions strengthen communication, to build a new bridge of friendship and played an important role to promote compatriots, overseas Chinese friendship, deepen mutual understanding and recognition." The responsible person also said that in the future will hold more similar events, promote the exchange and development of folk sports.

The mixed doubles final scene.
Jinjiang as a national badminton training base, Chinese badminton team has won eleven training here. Zhang Qihan, President of the Jinjiang Badminton Association, told reporters: "Jinjiang folk participation in sports atmosphere, in order to hold the event as an opportunity, will be better in the public to promote badminton tournament. We are going to hold the league in the whole area of Quanzhou in the future, learn skills, enhance exchanges."

Single event, the men's team final scene.

After two days of fierce competition, Taiwan Jingcao badminton club won the championship.

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