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"China played the strongest voice," memory Jinjiang Jian mu IC Industrial Park


 The new main production base of China's main memory is expected to emerge in Jinjiang, Quanzhou.

Reporter recently from Fujian Province an core industry investment fund ceremony and the semiconductor industry investment promotion meeting was informed that the Jinjiang to promote Jinhuagong memory integrated circuit production line project as a center of gravity, will be fully launched integrated circuit industrial park planning to build, industrial chain investment, research and development system, comprehensive supporting the construction of the work.
In the construction of the platform, Jinjiang intends to 1.7 acres of land in Xintang street planning and construction of integrated circuit Industrial Park, and the successful introduction of Fujian Jin Hua integrated circuit memory production line project.
Jin Hua project total investment of 370 yuan, by the introduction of Taiwan and global technology, talent, resources, build China's first independent technology memory manufacturing projects and 12 inch wafer factory. At present, Jin Hua project has been incorporated into the "45" integrated circuit list of major projects, become the key support of the state of DRAM memory production project.
In the planning and construction, Jinjiang hired set state science and Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out the upstream and downstream integrated circuit and the horizontal supporting industry planning, commissioned by the Shanghai Jiaotong University state assembly topology Research Institute to carry out the park space layout planning, being prepared for the integrated circuit industry policy documents, will focus on capital, talent, scientific research, land, taxation, public service platform framework proposed the concrete development strategy, mobile solutions and relevant supporting policies.
In the financial support, the national integrated circuit industry investment fund successfully settled in Jinjiang, a huge investment oriented effect, will drive the strength of private capital in Jinjiang, to provide strong financial support for industrial development.
In the supporting services, Jinjiang to adapt to the demand of the integrated circuit industry system to promote international community talent, international schools, medical, and other high-end more than 10 series of supporting the project, will be for the enterprise agglomeration of high-end talent team to provide the best quality and efficient service.
With the rapid accumulation of capital, talent, technology, Jinjiang will create a "chip design, chip manufacturing packaging and testing equipment and materials" integrated circuit industry ecosystem, resources ecosystem, ecological intelligence circles and enterprise ecosystem, is expected to played the "China memory most ictus, the completion of the main production base of memory China.

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