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Jin Hua integrated circuit project construction to promote the rapid development of the road to traffic


  As an important starting point for the Jinjiang industrial transformation and upgrading, Jinhua integrated circuit project is rapidly advancing. Reporters yesterday in Fujian (Jinjiang) intelligent equipment Industrial Park in the core area of Jin Hua project of integrated circuit block to see, project land leveling work has near the end, dozens of excavator and earthmoving vehicles are stepping up efforts to the earthwork excavation and levelling the ground. Reporters learned from the relevant person in charge of the project, the project is expected to be completed at the end of the 600 acres of the core area of the completion of the month.

Covers an area of 40 square meters of Jin Hua integrated circuit project plots mainly located in Xintang street, Guo community and lake grid community. In the project construction site, bulldozer, excavator, loader transport vehicles and other heavy machinery to often, field staff head hat, does not stop move command, a busy scene. It is understood that the construction team now, accelerating the progress of leveling the ground, every site management and construction personnel more than 20 people, spent a total of excavator 12, 28 loaders, earthmoving vehicles 80 cars, daily hours of work more than 20 hours, completed on earthwork approximately 3 million cubic meters. Is expected to be completed at the end of this month to complete the 600 acres of the core area of the construction site and the surrounding area of the construction site leveling project.
On one side of the construction site, as the project is supporting the traffic thoroughfare wisdom made Avenue side may have opened to traffic, the staff is command vehicle traveling to the construction site.
"At present, the main line of the main road has been completed drainage, sewage and other major pipeline construction." Project person in charge of the site, the site construction personnel more than and 50 people, the road construction of a variety of machinery have 17 units, the completion of the laying of the road about 2000 square meters per day.
It is reported that the total length of 3.1 km Chi made Avenue, 48 meters wide, will effectively improve the surrounding traffic environment, is expected in September to build the main road will complete all construction projects.
Jin Hua project park surrounding facilities, Jin Hua park also rapid progress. Park facilities in the first phase of Jin Hua park has been basically completed. Reporters on the scene saw, park landscape trees have been planted completed, park walkways doing the final finishing, two pavilions already built, workers are in an orderly manner of lawn in the final part of the laying and vegetation watering, part of the landscape, the rockery is perfect, is expected to July 5 days to be completed. It is reported that Jin Hua Park Phase II project has been completed bidding work, earthwork now has been basically put in place, is currently organizing construction site, is expected to complete the basic plants planted in early July.
It is understood, after the completion of the core area of the park land leveling and road construction, the project preparatory group will be in the upcoming Jinjiang (International) integrated industry forum and Jin Hua started ceremony venue construction as the focus, actively preparing for, ahead of the completion of the ceremony site layout. (trainee reporter Dong Yanjun reporter Ke Guoli text map)

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