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Heavy pound! The semiconductor industry giants, business elite gathered in Jinjiang, they say these words......

Fujian Anxin industry investment fund inaugurated yesterday
National IC industry large fund settled in Jinjiang, Quanzhou
Jinjiang news network June 26 hearing (reporter Qi Yubo) yesterday, Fujian Province an core industry investment fund was inaugurated in Jinjiang held. The fund by the integrated circuit industry in Fujian Province, Quanzhou, Jinjiang City three levels of government in the United Nations Fund, Huaxin Investment Management Co., Ltd., Saman group jointly set up. This is following the Fujian Province Jin Hua memory integrated circuit production line projects included in the national 45 "integrated circuit significant productivity layout planning, Jinjiang development of the integrated circuit industry won major national support. (details)
Vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ding Zhongli, President of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the national integrated circuit industry investment fund chairman Wang Zhanfu, President of China core Investment Management Co., Ltd. army, the national development and Reform Commission, industry letter Ministry about leadership, Quanzhou, Jinjiang city leadership Kang Tao, Li Jian Hui, agricultural Gang, Liu Wenru, Chen Jianqian, Zhou Bogong, Zhang Wenxian, Chen Changyi, Wang Wenhui etc. attended activities of.
Kang Tao, mayor of Quanzhou, said in his speech:
Integrated circuit industry is known as "industrial food", is the core of the information technology industry, but also to support economic and social development, to protect the national security strategic, basic and leading industries, the prospect is very broad. Speaking of Quanzhou, 2016 is the first year of Quanzhou integrated circuit industry development, we have confidence, we must be able to develop a wave of integrated circuit industry, to seize the wind, to win the initiative.
Fujian Province formally inaugurated in Anxin industrial investment funds settled, landmark, this is also the national fund "for the first time in the prefecture level city of the establishment of industrial investment fund, will promote the talent, technology and capital etc. industry resources fast to Quanzhou, Jinjiang agglomeration, greatly promote the circuit and semiconductor high cutting-edge technology industry development, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, reconstruction of the new competitive advantages.
Quanzhou, Jinjiang two government will do a good job, to accelerate the construction and improvement of industrial ecology, to build China's integrated circuit memory base, so that the "Quanzhou core" to lead the industry, the world.
To build China's memory production base
Jinjiang semiconductor industry investment promotion conference
Jinjiang news network June 26th news (reporter Qi _ tamanami) Hester starting point, memory sail. Today's Jinjiang, everywhere surging vitality, everywhere full of business opportunities. Yesterday, Jinjiang held semiconductor industry investment promotion, the majority of semiconductor industry giant, business elite gathered in a hall, and seek common development.
Jinjiang city leaders Zhang Wenxian, Liu Wenru, Ding Feng, Wang Wenhui attended the meeting.
Liu Wenru, mayor of Jinjiang, said:
At present, the development of Jinjiang has a rare historic opportunity. Jinjiang has occupied the day, geography, and will give the city, integration of resources, improve the supporting industries, efforts to build China's integrated circuit memory base, hope that the majority of semiconductor industry giant, the business elite spotted in Jinjiang, Jinjiang investment and bring the most high-end talent, cutting-edge technology, the quality of the project to Jinjiang. Jinjiang will also do a good job, so that enterprises to make money, the industry bigger, Jinjiang development, the parties to a win-win situation.
Recommend on the meeting, Beijing Beifang Microelectronic Base Equipment Technology Research Center Co., Ltd., Shenyang extension Jing Technology Co., Ltd., micro semiconductor equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., for the promotion, and Jinjiang enterprises docking negotiate.
interview with an expert
Army: play the location advantage of Jinjiang IC industry development

President of Jinjiang news network June 26 hearing (trainee reporter Ke Guoli reporter Dong Yanjun the Chinese core Investment Management Co., Ltd. army said: "Jinjiang have a demand for the readjustment of the industrial structure, the need for the introduction of the integrated circuit industry; national fund want to invest in one of the integrated circuit industry has enough understanding, willingness and participation degree of local government; thus, the government, enterprises, fund between complementary advantages contributed to the project of integrated circuit and an core fund in Jinjiang landing."
From the geographical position, Jinjiang is close to the development of the integrated circuit industry in Taiwan area, with a natural location advantage. Route Army agrees: "Taiwan Industrial Development in the field of integrated circuit has lots of outstanding talent and technology, this is the Jinjiang biggest advantage. With the advantage of location, Jinjiang can undertake and use the other side of the channel integrated circuit industry chain to get faster development."
Geographical advantage is born, and the integrated circuit industry as a high-end talent relative concentration of industry, industrial development depends more on the promotion of talent. Route and puts forward suggestions: as the talent aggregation of industries, the local government should foreign high-end talent to provide more services and facilities, so that high-end foreign talent to keep, to live and work in peace and contentment, to really play their role. To this end, the government should make some relevant policies and measures for the development of this type of talent and retain talents."
Li Shuai: from the establishment of the integrated circuit industry chain

Jinjiang news network June 26 hearing (trainee reporter Ke Guoli reporter Dong Yanjun text and graphics) integrated circuit industrial projects settled in Jinjiang is of great significance. Integrated circuit industry has a leading role in the information industry, is the core of the electronic information industry, able to drive the overall layout of the downstream industry related industries." To come and take part in Fujian Province an core industry investment fund the opening ceremony of the national development and Reform Commission high technology our emerging industries, a deputy director Li Shuai said in an interview, "for Jinjiang such a rise in traditional industrial city, the introduction of integrated circuit industry layout can help Jinjiang industrial upgrading and transformation, economic development and industrial structure adjustment."
In the development of the integrated circuit industry, Jinjiang has a natural geographical advantage. Li Shuai said: "Jinjiang has many inherent advantages, for example, geographical advantages, on the one hand, Jinjiang is the Hayes area of go ahead of the rest of the frontier region, on the other hand she faces Taiwan across the sea to Taiwan in the field of integrated circuit industry of some industrial chain, enterprise, talent and technology to undertake, boosting its industrial development. Although there is a natural advantage, but Jinjiang in the field of integrated circuit industry is still blank, need to learn from each other.
Overall, the industrial park, the aggregation problem is the integration of the circuit industry can be landed in Jinjiang and long-term development and growth of another important difficult. "Industrial park enterprises can establish a good gathering of the whole industry chain ecology, industrial development is possible." Li Shuai said, the industry gathered the corresponding supporting facilities should be improved, the talent will attract and retain."
Wang Zhanfu: the whole industry chain strategic layout to boost industrial transformation and upgrading

Jinjiang news network June 26 hearing (reporter Shi Shanmei Dong Yanjun) national integrated circuit industry investment fund shares limited company chairman wangzhan Fu said, "an core industry investment fund landing in Jinjiang, in part due to Jinjiang this economy strong city, not only has a strong industrial base, its geographical advantage is also quite superior." In this way, the project can Haixi Economic Zone in South China and even the entire hinterland development, attract, mergers and acquisitions, agglomeration integrated circuit of the whole industry chain project, and Jinjiang traditional industry transformation and upgrading of tight butt, construction of integrated circuit chip design, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment and material, form a complete set and the terminal application of the whole industry chain ecosystem, resources ecosystem, ecological intelligence circles and enterprise ecosystem.
In the context of information security has received much attention, the chip industry has ushered in new opportunities for development. And with the Internet of things as the next 10 years, the core driver of the semiconductor industry, the required chip from performance oriented to application oriented. Wang Zhanfu believes that in this process, the rapid development of the integrated circuit industry, in the upstream industry chain equipment, material industry should also sometimes move. A "big fund said the China national integrated circuit industry investment fund fully open investment layout has dense in integrated circuit manufacturing, design, packaging, equipment in areas such as" more flower ", sped up the development of China's IC industry chain, the overall layout, for China's development into a global semiconductor power to lay a solid foundation. At present, China's integrated circuit industry is facing the development of strategic opportunities, this may be the last window period, if the industry fully seize the favorable opportunities, can gradually narrow the gap or even beyond.
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Enterprise hot integrated circuit industry in Jinjiang
Can be rubbed out with the local industry to help promote the transformation of Jinjiang to upgrade
Jinjiang news network June 26 hearing (reporter Shi Shanmei trainee reporter Ke Guoli intern Li Xiaoming) national integrated circuit industry funds settled in Jinjiang news yesterday in Jinjiang enterprises set off a a discussion upsurge. Jinjiang enterprises, an unprecedented potential in the field of intelligent wearable device for semiconductor applications; so tall on the project will attract more high-end talent gather in Jinjiang, Jinjiang of hard and soft environment construction for has a positive impact. And the project for the rich industrial structure in Jinjiang, Jinjiang, industrial transformation and upgrading of the important significance.
With semiconductor
Accelerate the creation of new opportunities in the field of intelligent manufacturing
Yesterday afternoon in the semiconductor industry investment promotion meeting, a group of data to the eyes of entrepreneurs in Jinjiang. The data show that the compound semiconductor application market is very large, including home smart environment, smart cars, Internet of things, wireless base stations, chemical fiber and other fields. Which is only in the field of things, in 2020 there will be more than 25 million components sold.
In fact, in the footwear industry recently began to popular flash shoes, thermal insulation shoes, smart shoes and a semiconductor chip has a close contact. "Smart shoes as an example, this is the application of big data accumulation and chip based products." Who asked not to be named, Jinjiang shoes enterprises responsible person told the reporter. "But we have to admit that the current domestic consumers to buy the smart shoes are mostly from imported products. In fact, there is a certain difference between the foreign consumer's shoes and domestic consumers, which means that the market space. The semiconductor data center based support, we can design a suitable for Chinese foot shoes."
Coincidentally, Huatai, assistant to the chairman Chen Lan Bo which also said that integrated circuit project landing help to upgrade the transformation of traditional enterprises.
"China and Thailand in the manufacture of ceramic products and integrated circuit industry related areas are likely to cooperate. Traditional enterprise of structural adjustment of an important direction is the production automation, intelligent, in this regard, the integrated circuit industry and related areas is will likely help to our enterprises to upgrade. " Chen Lanbo said.
A new optimization of industrial structure
Enhance the city and soft environment
After the reform and opening up 30 years of development, Jinjiang succeeded in cultivating the people's livelihood characteristics footwear, textile and garment, food and beverage industry, Heng, Anta, 361 degrees, Lee Lang, Qipai, Panpan, many well-known brands are from Jinjiang, some industries and enterprises gradually master discourse right, forming the cluster advantage, brand advantage and market advantage. Maotai shoes material, general manager of Ding Sien that Jinjiang City Government in support of traditional industries transformation upgrade big do strong at the same time, actively cultivate the strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries, to speed up the agglomeration industrial projects of strategic importance, it will be possible to promote the new tuning Jinjiang economic structure adjustment.
Ding Sien's view has been recognized by Chen Lanbo. Chen Lanbo said that Jinjiang in the past to the traditional manufacturing based, and now the floor of the integrated circuit project, the overall industrial layout of Jinjiang, industry upgrading and transformation have played a role in boosting.
Worth mentioning is, Jinjiang city government is stepping up to create a first-class international business environment, to adapt to the demand of the integrated circuit industry system to promote international community talent, international schools, medical, and other high-end more than 10 series of supporting the project, for the enterprise agglomeration of high-end talent team to provide the best quality and efficient service.
"Landing IC project, is bound to be subjective or objective to gather more sophisticated talent. Talent Gathering, can not be separated from the supporting facilities to build a city of hardware and software, and will attract, retain more talent. This is a virtuous cycle of the process, in the long run for the development of the city has an important driving force." Ding Sien said.

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